Old Goals

Me on a digital bathroom scale reading 85.0kg With my previous two attempts at weight loss, I had a less ambitious goal weight - 85kg, compared to 78kg this time. I never hit it - I got fairly close, down below 90kg and was still losing weight at the time, but lost motivation when my wife stopped her diet (she had a much better excuse, in both cases she was pregnant!)

Today, I’ve hit that 85kg target for the first time. It’s a fantastic feeling to know I’m doing better than I have done in the past, despite doing this diet alone (Jennie was still pregnant when I started.)

It wasn’t a great target. Just like this time, I was trying to get in to the ‘Healthy’ BMI weight category; the discrepancy was down to me was cheating myself by overstating my height by 6cm. It’s really important to be entirely honest with yourself with this, and I regret not checking my height back then. Don’t guesstimate your height, measure it. Make sure you log food, weight, and exercise accurately - if your scales give you a different weight from one moment to the next, replace them.

The challenge now is to get this fantastic feeling again, by going through my 78kg goal weight without losing focus. It’s a better, harder, more honest target, and as I get closer it may start to feel unachievable, but I’m very committed to it.

7kg and 12 weeks to go.