Made it

78.0kg on the scales
I made it! 78.0kg, 24.9 BMI, one week to spare before I turn thirty.

I’ve been losing weight for six months, with the goal of getting from the obese band to the normal band of BMI beform my thirtieth birthday. I set that as a goal to test myself, but I wasn’t going to get too worried about it if I found it exceptionally difficult; everyone seems to say that BMI’s very flawed after all, I’ve said that myself in the past.

When I set it, it represented losing 0.9kg each week for six months, which is pretty unrelenting given dietary advice is not to lose more than 1kg a week. I lost weight smoothly, and perhaps a little too quickly, up until July, but once holidays kicked in I fluctuated a lot more. The final 2kg took six weeks to lose. It really felt like I’d hit a wall and wouldn’t make it to my goal, which actually would have been disappointing having gotten so close to it. I’m really glad I worked through that.

Lots of people have asked how I’ve lost the weight, but I don’t think my approach would work for most people - it’s very analytical and if you get emotional about the number on the scales each morning, it’s probably a bit frustrating. To see what I’ve done (and continue to do) to get here, take a look at my healthy for thirty post series.

I don’t plan to immediately stop dieting and gain back into the overweight band, so the new goal is to get to 70kg by Christmas. That’s much slower weight loss, only about 0.5kg each week, so I hope it will set me up with good habits for maintaining that weight when I get there…