I like to ride my bicycle...

Yesterday, Gideon and I spent an hour in Inverleith Park together, while Jennie and Angus were at the supermarket. We took his bike and had a few sessions riding it interspersed with time on the swings.

An X in which box?

I’ve had seven weeks to think about it, and don’t know who to vote for tomorrow. This post is probably a little bit of a stream of consiousness, and I’d love to discuss it with any of you who will talk to me about it. As much as anything, I’m trying to decide.

Cynical Tory Voter ID

I’m furious. I’d heard that people were being asked for National Insurance numbers when registering to vote a while ago, and been mildly irritated at the time. I then heard about it again around the EU referendum, so by now I thought people would know, as I did, that it wasn’t actually required but might delay your registration a bit if you didn’t provide it.