Picardy Place

Picardy Place is a major junction in Edinburgh, currently the subject of a big redesign, and it’s not going well. The Council has been very quickly pushing through a gyratory which does everything it can to keep Picardy Place a car-dominated non-place. It goes directly against their own stated transport strategy of reducing car modal share in favour of active travel, which I can only assume this is down to a bad deal with the developers of the nearby St. James’ Centre replacement, soon to be famous for the giant gold poop that is going right in the middle of the new shopping centre.

I like to ride my bicycle...

Yesterday, Gideon and I spent an hour in Inverleith Park together, while Jennie and Angus were at the supermarket. We took his bike and had a few sessions riding it interspersed with time on the swings.

An X in which box?

I’ve had seven weeks to think about it, and don’t know who to vote for tomorrow. This post is probably a little bit of a stream of consiousness, and I’d love to discuss it with any of you who will talk to me about it. As much as anything, I’m trying to decide.