Getting Stuck

Graphs of me stuck around 82kg Some weeks are just a wash when it comes to weight loss. After my 85kg post, I had a really nice downward trajectory for a couple of weeks, getting down to 82kg with no problems. And then I just bumbled around between 82-83kg, for about two weeks.

It feels like a really long time, but there are always reasons- it’s been a hectic time at work, so I’ve probably eaten a bit more than normal, and we’ve had visitors for a weekend, which is loads of fun but not great when it comes to sticking to a diet.

With our holiday with our big group of friends coming up in two weeks, when I know I’ll gain weight, I really want to get a little below 80kg before then, just to make it easier to motivate myself to keep going after the holiday. The main goal remains 78kg by the beginning of September, and it’s not worth beating myself up about smaller goals missed on the way there, or goals to get there early.

Just keep swimming (or should that be slimming? Hey, I’m a dad, bad jokes are allowed here!)