Apple Privacy

Apple is promoting privacy is a key feature of their products; I’m really pleased to see that, it’s a feature worth maintaining. Much of the commentry on the announcements made at WWDC last month assumes that “normal” people don’t care about this stuff, it’s just a nerd issue, but I really don’t believe that’s the case. Just mention searching for products to your non-technical friends and family to see how long it is before they (rightly) grumble about all the targeted ads which start to appear for what they’ve been searching for. Apple are right to be sticking to this, talking about it, and promoting it as a point of difference between them and Google.


I’ll only exercise regularly if it’s in my routine, and fitting things into your routine with a two-year-old and a newborn, and a full-time office based job is a challenge. Weight loss without exercise is much more difficult, so I’m trying really hard to include it in my daily routine in sustainable ways.

Taylor Swift & Apple

I really like Taylor’s music, and it’s great to see Apple respond quickly to her criticism of their decision not to pay artist for streams made in the three month free trial of Apple Music, their new streaming service. I think she’s absolutely right to be using her position to make the case for this common sense position, and there’s a bit too much defensiveness from some fans of Apple which doesn’t exactly address the issues at play here.