One Month

Angus was one month old yesterday… here’s a sneak preview of a little project I’m working on for his first year.

Old Goals

Me on a digital bathroom scale reading 85.0kg With my previous two attempts at weight loss, I had a less ambitious goal weight - 85kg, compared to 78kg this time. I never hit it - I got fairly close, down below 90kg and was still losing weight at the time, but lost motivation when my wife stopped her diet (she had a much better excuse, in both cases she was pregnant!)

iPad Multitasking and You

Any iPad app now needs to consider how they will be used on iOS 9. The new system multitasking capabilities will greatly improve users’ ability to do more with their iPad, with less severe context switching when using multiple apps at once. Our users already use more than one app at once, making use of the app switcher, but beyond handling backgrounding well we’ve not had to do much about it as developers before. That’s all changed.