Goodbye WWDC

WWDC is over for another year, and it leaves a lot of opportunities, a lot of improvements, a lot of session videos still to watch, and a lot of work to do. All this change and enhancement is really exciting, I’m enjoying diving in to what it means for developers and our apps.


I always enjoy an Apple keynote, and yesterday’s was no exception. We saw a taste of the user facing improvements to iOS, particularly with iPad multitasking, transit in Maps, big improvements to Notes (and general keyboard improvements), and lots and lots of little enhancements to Siri and Search.


I didn’t diet before age 26, in part because of the huge number of faddy, commercial diets. They make weight loss seem like alchemy, as though you can’t work any of this stuff out on your own. Even big players in this industry make me extremely angry doing things like labelling food as “si[y]nful”, or picking one macronutrient and pretending that it’s bad for you. This is nonsense, but it serves to keep the diet industry going, with customers who cycle through weight gain and loss throwing money at the latest diet each time they feel bad about their weight.