The Wrong Motivation

Last week, we had our fantastic annual group holiday; Jennie, Gideon, Angus and I squeezed in to our little hatchback for the drive down to the Lake District to spend the week with school and university friends. We had loads of fun, and as ever there was loads of food, drink, and merriment. I wasn’t so foolish to think that I’d want, or be able, to keep up my 1600 calories/day diet, but I did want to keep on tracking what I ate.

Getting Stuck

Graphs of me stuck around 82kg Some weeks are just a wash when it comes to weight loss. After my 85kg post, I had a really nice downward trajectory for a couple of weeks, getting down to 82kg with no problems. And then I just bumbled around between 82-83kg, for about two weeks.

Keeping Track

My iPhone, with HealthKit and a few apps, is central to my weight loss effort. I track everything I eat in MyFitnessPal, and I use Cyclometer to track my cycling distance and active calories. The phone automatically counts my steps and stairs climbed, and I aim to average over 10k steps every day, which I factored in to my calorie allowance calculations.